Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I reserve a bouncer or slide? How much lead time do you need?
We appreciate as much advance notice that you can give us. The sooner that you reserve the better chance you have in reserving your choice of our popular inflatables. We will do the best we can to work with you even if it’s a last minute request. Do you require a deposit? When is the payment due?

Yes, all reservations must be secured with a $50 deposit by debit or credit card to hold your reservation. Deposits are applied towards the balance of your reservation and are non-refundable. Personal Checks are not accepted. Remainder balance must be paid before or at the time of delivery with cash, business check, debit or credit card.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, Bounce Pro Inflatables has a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all of our rental units. If your event needs “PROOF OF INSURANCE”, we will be happy to supply you with the documentation. We also can add municipalities and organizations as an “ADDITIONAL INSURED” to our policy for an extra charge. Let us know when booking your event and we’ll include the documents with your contract agreement.

Are you inspected by the state?
In Oklahoma, inflatables are considered to be amusement rides and we are held to the same standards as any other amusement ride operator. Our rental units have been inspected by the State Department of Labor Amusement Ride Division and all have passed inspections.

Do you deliver & setup?
Yes! We deliver and set-up ALL of our inflatable rentals. Depending on how many inflatables you are renting for your event, we will setup at least 30 minutes prior to your party. During setup we will inspect the unit for safety and ensure the cleanliness of each unit. When the party is over, we will come back and pick the unit up.

Is there a delivery charge?
First 10 miles from our warehouse is free, $4/mile after that.

Can I pick the unit up?
Sorry, we do not allow you to pick the unit up. To ensure the safety of the participants, our professionally staff is required to deliver and setup each unit.

What should we do to get ready for our inflatable rental?
Make sure you know where you want your inflatable rental and make sure there is enough room. Make sure that the inflatable will be within 100 feet of where the electric cord will be plugged in. Also, please make sure that your yard is clean, and free of debris. We do not setup any inflatable on rocks, gravel, sand, or dog piles. Remember, animals are not allowed in or around the inflatable, so please put them up before our arrival and during your party. Please turn off your sprinkler system 24 hours before we arrive and for the duration of your party. Our Bounce Houses, Combo Units, and Obstacle Course, other than water slides are not made to be used wet. We reserve the right to cancel if the setup area does not meet these requirements. Because we may have other rentals scheduled for the same day, please be sure that these areas are addressed before we arrive.

What type of surface can the inflatables be setup on?
We can set up on most surfaces such as grass, pavement or even indoors. We cannot set up on rocks, gravel, or sand. You are responsible to ensure there are no utilities or overhead telephone, cable or electric lines close to where we are placing the inflatable. We are not responsible for our stakes piercing or cutting any underground utility lines or irrigation lines. You must notify us ahead of time if you plan to setup on pavement or indoors.

When can we rent water inflatables?
As a rule, all water inflatables are available to rent from Memorial Day to Labor Day only. Please shut off water on any water unit at least 30 minutes prior to pick up

Can inflatables be setup indoors?
Yes, we can setup indoors with advance notice. Be sure that the height of the ceiling is higher than the inflatable you have chosen.

Is there an extra charge to setup indoors or on pavement?
Yes, there is a charge of $20 to setup on pavement or indoors. When we set up an inflatable on pavement or indoors, we have had to bring at least 320 lbs of sandbags for our smallest units and up to 1,760 lbs for our larger units in order to secure the inflatables from moving. This obviously is a lot more work for our drivers.

Is there a charge to move an inflatable once it has been set up?
Yes, there is a charge of $50 per each inflatable to move it once it has been set up. We have to pay our drivers for their time and it really is a lot of extra hard work to move an inflatable once we have it set up. Our inflatables range anywhere from 350 lbs to 1200 lbs. It takes a lot of time and hard work to wrap an inflatable up just so we can move it to a different location. We can’t drag the unit across the ground, especially not on pavement, because we risk the unit being ripped on the bottom. This charge does apply even when we are moving an inflatable indoors due to weather issues.

What are my responsibilities during the party?
You MUST adhere to the safety and operating guidelines. A responsible adult MUST be present at all times the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage. The inflatable item will not be set up unless the contract/liability waiver is signed.

How long can I keep the inflatable?
We offer 4 hour rentals. However, if you would like to reserve a inflatable for an extended length of time we will be more than happy to accommodate you on a pro-rated basis provided we can work it around our other reservations.

Can we keep the inflatable overnight?
You may be able to keep your inflatable rental overnight if the unit will be in a secure location to avoid damage. Additional charges will apply. Please call our office to discuss any requests for your overnight reservation.

How many kids can be in an inflatable bouncer at one time?
Each Inflatable is designed differently based on the type of inflatable you are requesting. In a typical bouncer, you may get 6-8 children jumping at a time. However, it’s important to separate the big kids from the little kids. When renting obstacle courses, slides and other interactives, the driver will instruct you on how many children can be in the inflatable in a safe efficient manner.

Are your units safe?
Yes! Your child’s safety is our number one concern. We buy only inflatables with the most safest features in our industry. Each unit is equipped with blow-back valves on our blowers, and has emergency exits to quickly evacuate children in the case of an emergency’s. Remember, ADULT SUPERVISION IS A MUST!

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel or reschedule your reservation at any time but a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. Your non-refundable deposit will be applied towards the cancellation charge. If you have a current reservation scheduled and you want to remove an item from the reservation within 7 days of your event date, you will be charged a $50 fee per each unit removed. Any cancellations on the day of your event will result in you being liable for the full rental rate of your reservation. This Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy applies to all customers including churches, schools, corporations, individuals, etc. For weather related cancellations, see “Weather Policy” below.

What is your weather policy?
High winds, precipitation, thunderstorms, and cold temperatures pose hazards for the safe operation of our inflatables. Our policies below outline treatment of rentals encountering such unfavorable weather conditions. On a date that there is a high probability of inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel any event. The decision to cancel an event is solely for the safety of riders and serviceability of our units and not because we want to ruin anyone’s party. We live in Oklahoma where the weather changes as fast as it is forecasted. Because of this, decisions to cancel any event(s) because of will be made NO SOONER than 12pm on the day prior to your event. If our dispatch team is not able to determine the probability of inclement weather, the decision could be made all the way up until the morning of the event no later than 10am.

The following reasons ARE cause for Bounce Pro OR the customer to cancel a delivery after 12pm the day prior to your event. The customer WILL receive a “weather rain check” for the deposit to be applied to another event within 1 year from the cancelled event date. These decisions are made with your location forecasted on

  • Winds over 20mph
  • Temperatures under 40 degrees F°
  • Steady Rain is expected all day
  • Local weather is forecasted at 60% or higher
  • Inclement weather already exists in your area at the time of your event.

The following reasons ARE NOT reasons to cause for Bounce Pro OR the customer to cancel an event under the weather policy. Normal Cancellation policy will apply in these circumstances if you choose to cancel your event. No exceptions!

  • Local weather is forecasted at 50% or lower
  • Chance of showers or occasional rain
  • Temperatures over 40 degrees F°
  • Your event is cancelled due to weather

Once we deliver the equipment, you are responsible for the entire rental fee even if the weather becomes inclement. If inclement weather is not expected to pass during your event, we may begin to pick up the units early for the safety of our equipment and our staff.

Substition policy?
From time to time our inflatables are damaged or picked up from a prior rental in otherwise unusable conditions causing the need to substitute your requested item. We will make every effort to contact you to allow you to make the 2nd choice decision. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to contact you prior to your event, we will make the decision on what inflatable to substitute. In the event this occurs, which is very rare, we will discount the substituted unit 10% for the inconvenience you have suffered. We will note be held responsible for this inconvenience in any other matter. We reserve the right to refuse service, if in our staff’s opinion, it would not be safe to setup or allow the use of our equipment.

Is there a cleaning charge?
No! As long as it is general cleaning, we will do it. If excessive cleaning is needed, a cleaning charge of $100 to $500 will be required. Excessive cleaning includes spilled food, candy, drinks or the use of silly string.

Do I receive a discount if I refer a friend?
We offer a Refer-A-Friend Program where you receive a $10 discount on your next rental for each paying customer that you refer to us. Be sure your friend(s) mentions that they were referred by you when they make their reservation. You are unlimited to the number of discounts you can receive and they can be used on the same rental. For example, if you refer three (3) friends to us who book a reservation with us, you will get $30 off your next rental.

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