Safety & Operation

We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Oklahoma.
In the state of Oklahoma, inflatable rides are considered amusement rides and require inspection and registration with the Department of Labor.
DO NOT enter inflatable unless attendant is on duty! Follow attendant or operator instructions at all times.
Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering. Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering. No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays inside unit.
No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, or piling on others. No rough play inside inflatable units. Do not play near entrance or exit. Do no jump against, climb, or play near the sides or walls.
If weather conditions get bad, or if the inflatable begins to deflate, stop playing, remain calm, and carefully exit the inflatable. DO NOT use inflatables during inclement weather (rain, hale, or when winds exceed 20mph). Inflatable Slides: correct sliding method is seated, feet in front of you. Do Not Slide head first. Slip n Slides: correct sliding method is on your stomach, hands in front of you.

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