Giving Back is a Priority for Bounce Pro Inflatables

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Giving Back is a Priority for Bounce Pro Inflatables!

By Brian Webb | November 25, 2019

JDRF Tulsa Bounce Pro Tulsa Rentals

At Bounce Pro Inflatables, we feel that it is our privilege and our pleasure to give back to the community. We are honored to support several local foundations, and hope you might consider doing the same.

JDRF Tulsa is very dear to our heart, we will never forget the day our daughter was diagnosed with T1D. Not knowing what to do and scared, we were put in touch with JDRF and it was the greatest relief! First thing they do is send you a Bag of Hope

The JDRF Bag of Hope is filled with useful resources for both the child who has been diagnosed with T1D and his or her caregivers. Along with educational materials, they’ve included a special friend — Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes® — to show your child he or she is not alone while learning to take shots and test blood sugar.

Resources in your JDRF Bag of Hope include (but are not limited to):

  • Valuable information from JDRF, including resources for navigating school, health insurance, and clinical trials, as well as an opportunity to be connected with a local volunteer whose family has experienced a diagnosis of T1D
  • Rufus the Bear with Diabetes™
  • “Rufus Comes Home” book
  • “Pink Panther: A First Book for Understanding Diabetes”
  • “Calorie King” book
  • Novo Nordisk/JDRF educational book series inserts
  • Alcohol prepping swabs provided by Walgreens
  • Informational postcard about the support Lilly Diabetes offers
  • Lilly Diabetes literature on severe hypoglycemia management
  • Glucagon Demo Kit provide by Lilly Diabetes
  • Voucher for free blood glucose meter provided by Ascensia
  • Discount coupon for a stylish medical ID bracelet by Hope Paige Designs for your child
  • Babysitter Guide provided by Omnipod®
    Pod Demo Kit provided by Omnipod®
  • Omnipod® literature on insulin delivery options


Another organization we are excited to partner with is Gold4Kids.

Gold4Kids Cancer Foundation of Tulsa is a 501c3 organization serving northeast Oklahoma, dedicated to helping children fighting cancer and their families by raising funds for projects both lcoally and beyond. Their local projects focus on palliative care, symptom management, and psychological education, including school reintegration, for all pediatric oncology patients who are treated at our local clinic.  The results of the local studies are helping kids not just here in Tulsa, but all over the United States. This year, they have been fortunate to be able to fund support groups and parent retreats put on by Families Fighting Childhood Cancer. gold4kids tulsa bounce pro tulsa

Gold4Kids was started by a group of parents, family, medical staff, friends, and members of the community who love these precious children. They have seen the devastating effects of childhood cancer and its treatment, and they want better treatments for the future. They look forward to the day when there is a cure for every child. They have also seen the joy and the hope in pediatric cancer patients’ eyes, and they know that that day will come. You can contact Gold4Kids, by clicking here


Crisis Pregnancy Outreach is another amazing local organization. An unplanned pregnancy may leave you feeling trapped and hopeless. But the truth is, thousands of women in your situation have discovered their pregnancy was actually an opportunity in disguise. We can discuss your options with you, and we will support you in your choice.

Parenting a child may seem overwhelming, but it is a choice to consider. And at CPO, you won’t be alone. We will help you with a variety of free services including:

• Parenting classes covering attachment parenting, age-appropriate loving guidance and breastfeeding
• Assistance with childcare equipment and clothing
• Counseling with a licensed counselor
• Childbirth classes
• Doula (labor coach) services
• Compassionate mentoring

Open adoption.
Those who choose to make an open adoption plan do so because they love their baby so much, they are willing to live separately from him so the baby can have certain benefits that they are not in a position to provide. We believe in providing families for babies— not babies for families—and we can help you every step of the way, both before and after adoption. At CPO, you choose the family, and you can have as much or as little contact as you desire.

We work with potential adoptive families who:
• Are committed Christians
• Understand and embrace the concept of Open Adoption
• Have undergone a Home Study done by a Licensed Social Worker, in the state in which they reside
• Promise that one parent will be at home full-time, until the child is in at least Kindergarten
• Promise that they will have an open relationship with the birth mother.
• Have been married for no less than three (3) years
• Do not smoke
• Not only live in Oklahoma, but many other states as well

 We have families waiting to adopt:
• Caucasian children
• African-American children
• Hispanic-American children
• Native-American children
• Children born with birth defects
• Children whose mothers have abused alcohol or drugs.

CPO is fully licensed as an Adoption Agency with the State of Oklahoma. License No. K8600077


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