Inflatable rental insurance – Why you need liability insurance

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Looking up inflatable rental companies on search engines you will find several different companies in your area. What sets these inflatable rental companies apart from each other? Many of them have the same equipment and prices. They also probably deliver to the same areas as each other. One of the main differences between companies is whether or not they carry liability insurance for their business.

Many states and local municipalities require inflatable company operators to carry liability insurance. Many states, however, do not require this coverage from these companies. Why then, if you live in a state that does not require this liability coverage, should you care if an inflatable operator carries liability insurance?

You want your inflatable rental company to have liability insurance in case something happens to a child or adult at your party that is the result of negligence by the party rental company. For example, if the equipment that is rented to you is faulty or not properly maintained by the inflatable rental company, they could be at fault for injuries that occur as a result of the company’s negligence. Without insurance, that company may not have any way to take care of their obligations.

There are additional considerations when evaluating whether or not you want to use an inflatable company that has insurance or not. Companies should care about their business. Inflatable company owners should care about their customers, equipment, and business health. If a company owner does not feel it necessary to get insurance, what does that say about what they feel about their company and their long-term plan for success and solvency?

Acquiring and maintaining inflatable liability insurance shows responsibility on the part of the inflatable company ownership. It should signal to prospective customers that the company has a long-term plan and that they are probably more reliable than those without insurance. Take this fact into consideration when choosing a company to bring an inflatable to your child’s next birthday party or special event.

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